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Soft and very wet winter, a few snowflakes fall early November 2013, the leaves still present, but not freezing ! They say snow on leaves, winter without cold or snow, this saying takes hold. A series of storms will cross the France, including Christmas Eve ! Severe floods affect Britain and the south of France ! No less than six storms will succeed in Brittany and the Channel, with winds of 136 km/hour ! Mâcon for this will be moslty rain will be the highlight of this winter without cold, it rains every other day, the soil is waterlogged, making the painful and hard work ! The winter is mild and dice the end of February the vine gives the first signs of life, the vine weeps sap already rising ! As of March 10 the thermometer already shows 18° vine moves ! Unheard of ! The vine grows vey early, but wrong, it floundering because too much water in the soil, the grapes come numerous and strong, but unevenly from one plot to another, will bloom early and very fast early June. However vegetation remains modest and puny, because after a wet winter, dry and windy period slows sprout. The harvest should still be early, early September probably ? A hailstorm fell on Solutré July 5, destroying 10% to 40% of the grapes ! Other regions be as strongly affected by hail, Beaune region, Medoc, Loire, destroyed surfaces are important. Moisture returns late July which should see some harvest date ? The summer will be contrasted with big heatstroke in July that will burn some tender clustering and August rather gray and cool. Groundbreaking secateurs September 10, fine quality clusters, with good sugar concentration, potential levels ranging from 11° to 13°7, fairly high acidity and low PH. The amounts vary, generally below the allowed returns on sectors and hailed it to other sectors. In 2014 kit is in the best hospices in white and is expected to join our great white vintages like 2000, 2005, 2010............!


Very wet winter without cold really tough but with low temperatures and snowfall fairly common, especially in late January. But the peculiarity of this winter will be the water quantities are huge and cause extensive flooding in many parts of France. Spring looks in the fall, the temperatures and humidity not take off remains predominant. He even snow on April 27, when we had a few days before summer temperatures ! We must go back to 1787 to find such conditions. Obviously the vine suffers from this situation, the more disturbed by a waterlogged by the lack of het floor. The vine vegetate behind and we have already three weeks behind the year 2012. It is certain the harvest should begin in late September, he must go back to 1974 ! Trolling flowering, clusters undergo significant "millerandage" disparity logs and shift maturity suggetss a complicated harvest ! July and August are finally interesting, even if the storms come regulary water the vineyards, with unfortunately some violent hailstorms devastating, especially mid-June in the vineyards of VOuvray, in late July in the north of Burgundy, Beaune region and early August in Bordeaux, between sea !After a crop loss, 2013 should be better, stocks are low and prices harden ! The harvest for Cremant de Bourgogne start around September 20 and September 28 for our names. In Mâcon levels are good or even very good, 12°, 12°5 are not uncommon, but the volumes are lower than expected, normal acidity and PH, but the heat and rain, especially on 4 October, where it dropped 27 mm of water, will result in rapid development of botrytis, which will require us to accelerate the harvest ! No late harvest possible this year 2013 !

Bulk during the Pouilly-Fuissé for 3 years !
2010 (850 €/barrel)
2011 (950 €/barrel)
2012 (1350 €/barrel, 1600 € for latest purchases)
2013 (1650 €/barrel, it will be a minimum..... ?)

The effects of two repeated crop failurs will weigh heavily on the price of our names and may degrade our already fragile markets in Europe ? With the hope taht 2014 is more generous ?


November, December and January 2012 will be months mild and relatively dry spring, a bitterly cold end of January arrives, it will last 3 weeks with a permanent freeze up to -15°, the soil is frozen on loan 40 cm depth, more wind accentuates the sensation of cold. Saône freezes, this cold period ends February 14th, Valentine's Day ! Shots of vines will be destroyed by the intense cold of a sudden ! March promises a spring summer, as in 2011, but it is a short word, because the rain comes quickly and the weather will be moving into early summer flowering takes place in difficult conditions, resulting in many millerandage, especially early on vineyards, the ripeness of the grapes may be very heterogeneous. This is the year of all the difficulties, powdery mildew and downy mildew are difficult to fight, hail also affect some areas, so no rest for the gardener ! Fortunately the weather returns after July 14th and can relax a little ! August will see all climates, humidity, heat waves "Scalding" all these contrasts disrupt the vine ! First shot secateurs mid-September, but the harvest will be spread over several weeks ! Qualities are very heterogeneous in different situations, our system fields Biological great result, especially quantitative and qualitative, we warmly thank Michel is the mastermind behind this production. 20 to 40 % of grapes, or more, will be destroyed ! The wines from this vintage will be limited in quantity, but with a nice overall balance rather fruity and accompanied by a nice roundness. Vintage likely to drink and keep reasonably !


After a month of December with winter snow and cold in January will be calmer, little snow, even in the mountains. February and March will be very lenient. From the first days of summer settles in April. The buds burst, at temperatures of 25° to 27° in the afternoon, that time will persist until the end of May, the result, three weeks ahead of a normal year ! With a quick and perfect bloom mid-May, unheard of ! Harvest already planned for August 20 ! However soils quickly become very dry and the vines begin to suffer from a severe lack of water, mainly on the upper parts or roots is less deep, the first leaves begin to dry, luckily the rain arrives on time at the beginning June and everything is in order. July and August switch, these two summer months are finally, fresh, gray and rainy, with a little sunshine, but the maturity continues to advance, however, few outbreaks of powdery mildew and mildew thrive without too much seriousness. The harvest first sheduled for August 20th to 25th, finally will begin late August or early September depending on the situation. The harvest is great, very healthy, golden, with a heterogeneity of maturity based on the number of grapes per vine. The natural steps to the collection, ranging from 11 to 13 depending on the exposition, which is a good standard, the acidity is rather low, with relatively high PH ! Malic acid has been consumed, which means that maturity is reached ! Ultimately this vintage 2011 should be aromatic, soft and tender, ready to drink quickly, with some great successes on the best plots and quantitatively well-exposed control. The earliness of the crop even lengthen the duration of the breeding.


Winter cold, snow and endless ! Finally, in late April heat and sunlight come in, but with a north wind that dries permanent all. However the wine starts from the first days of May, cold rain is back with a long time ago that the month of June was not as cold ! Which will result in a significant sag clusters and a high pressure mildew and powdery mildew. July will be beautiful but stormy,with hail on areas alreday hailed last year, but this time smaller, but with impressive amounts of water, and Draguignan Var will be affected seriously by June 15th particularly severe flooding ! The vines suffer from this situation, the vigilance of the winemakers will be key to sucess of this vintage. A new way of hail damage on September 2st to a new crop already uncertain in terms of quantity ? the harvest begins Sptember 18th for us, as a life-saving weather, with cool nights even colder that act as fridge, wiich maintain the grapes in good health, albait with some attacks of rot on the vines early. Good maturity of the seeds. The degrees are good or vey good, the amounts below 5 to 20% of baseline perfomance, but with a great heterogeneity due to different climatic factors an human. Acidity and PH are in compliance with atypical year ! This vintage rather late but promising wine should provide tight, concentrated and suitable for aging, the grape juice were tasty, some wonderful wines of this vintage should come out crooked ! Probably one of the best vintage of our lives !!


Quite a cold winter with various days of frost and significant rains as soon as the temperatures became higher.The grapevines were late to develop as the cold lasted until the end of April. In early May, everything quickened. The heat and the storms allowed the vines to flower straight from the end of May !! The flowering conditions were perfect and fast, which suggested an early harvest. Then appeared a succession of warm and unfortunate stormy periods that brought hail twice. On July 13th, various parcels from the village of Solutré were seriously damaged. The second hailstorm on July 23rd caused less damage nonetheless. The harvest began during the first days of September. The grapes were very mature and the acidities very low. The wines from vintage 2009 will be round, supple; with hints of ripe fruits and very felshy. They shall need to be consumed quite quickly !


A mild winter, with no major cold but regular frosts. April was rather wintry. At the beginning of May, we enjoyed a nice weather for two weeks, quickly replaced by rain that lasted until June 20th. In early July, we noticed an important flower abortion suggesting a concentration of the wine grapes and poor yields. July seemed to give what the vines needed so desperately : sun !! The first three weeks of August were the same as in May with strong showers and low night temperatures. Grapevines were green and the ripening process of the grapes was late. We inevitably lost some parcels because of the very strong pressure of mildew. Summer came back at the end of August and, like the previous years, the success of the vintage depended on the last weeks of maturity ! The sun and northern wind of September were very beneficial to this trouble vintage. Indeed, this enabled the atmosphere to get dry and allowed the concentration of sugar in the grape ! To date, most of our cuvees 2008 are already bottled. Only the Great Cuvees will be bottled in Summer and available in Fall.


The harvest ended on October 1st. In spite of an extremely precocious Spring, the mediocrity of Summer 2007 widely slowed dowm the advance we had gained. The beautiful weather of September allowed us to save this vintage in jeopardy and the great quality of the grapes made us remain optimistic.
This vintage required a lot of care while in the cellar, in particular during the malolactic fermentations that were carried out by 100 % in order to soften the acidity. Some of the cuvees 2007 are still available and give the opportunity to discover a very fresh vintage with a strong minerality and a lot of fineness. This is a typical vintage of pleasure.

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