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POUILLY-FUISSE Vieilles Vignes 2006 - Gold Medal

4 Prizes (Best French With French Wine- Best White Burgundy Wine-Best Chardonnay & Best Pouilly-Fuissé)

POUILLY-FUISSE Le Clos 2011 - Gold Medal

Silver Medal - POUILLY FUISSE Vieilles Vignes 2010 and 2011 /Pouilly-Fuissé Le Clos 2010 /Pouilly- Fuissé Hors Classe 2010 and 2011
Bronze Medal - MACON SOLUTRE Rock 2010

ALLWINES 2012 & 2013 (Best spirits and wines in Asia)

Gold Medal - POUILLY FUISSE Hors Classe 2010 and 2011

Silver Medal - POUILLY FUISSE Vieilles Vignes 2011

GUIDE HACHETTE DES VINS – 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2014





SAINT-VERAN Les Chênes 2006 *** COUP de CŒUR page 621 Guide 2008.

Jean-Pierre et Michel Auvigue are very rigorous in the quality of the grapes they buy. They selected this cuvee in "Les Chênes". This wine presents a straight golden colour with pale green glints. The complexity of its aromas is very pleasant and reminds of fresh fruit basket. The mouth is rich and supple and the wine tastes just like it smells. The finale is floral and lemony. get it now to go with grilled scallops.


MACON-SOLUTRE Moulin du Pont 2007 ** page 566 Guide 2010.
Clear nose of stone fruits together with white flowers. This wine pleases our taste buds thanks to its round and ample flesh and perfectly melted acidity.


MACON-SOLUTRE Cuvee Naturelle 2007 * Les Héritiers Auvigue page 566 Guide 2010

This 2007 is made from a 17-year-old grapevine cultivated in respect according to organic farming methods. Intensity of aromas (white flowers and cinnamon), minerality of terroir and freshness.

MACON FUISSE Moulin du Pont 2011 * page 575 Guide 2014
Michel et Jean-Pierre Auvigue following more than 5 producers generations purchase grapes since 1982,Those 2 wines are produced from those bought grapes. They transformed an old oil mill into a winery and a bottling site. The brilliant yellow with green tints colour, and the floral and fruity nose of this Pouilly Fuissé are a prelude to a silky mouth, rich and compact, well-balanced between fat and acidity. The end is long and lemony, making this wine ideal with shells. One star also for the MACON VILLAGES Moulin du Pont 2011 *, clear and tonic.

POUILLY FUISSE La Frérie 2011 page 587 Guide 2014
Perfect as an aperitif or on seafood starter, this cuvée offere by sturdyd by "Maison Auvigue" will seduce Pouilly Fuissé lovers. Light yellow with silver tints, the nose of this 2011 reminds pastry (brioche, fresh butter) and dried fruits (almond, hazelnut). On the palate,the entry is lively,and develop a concentrated substance with hints of minerality. A beautiful set which has reached maturity.

GUIDE GERBELLE & MAURANGE - RVF Guide of best wines under 20 € - 2014

POUILLY FUISSE La Frérie 2011 - 16/20 page 124
A clear style, precise and built ona a superb mineral length. A great Chardonnay from the Mâconnais region, revealing its terroir even in 2011. Congratulations. To drink in six or seven years.

POUILLY FUISSE Cuvée Naturelle 2011 - 15,5/20 page 12
An homogeneous texture well placed in heart of the mouth. This Chardonnay developsa mineral answer, finely spicy. A beautiful example in its flavours and maturity.

MACON VILLAGES SOLUTRE Naturelle 2011- 15/20 page 115
We like the saved freshness of this Mâcon which exicte taste buds with soft chalk and citrus fruits notes. Character and precision in this wine.

SAINT VERAN Les Chênes 2011 - 14,5/20 page 131
This Saint Véran offers a supplement of length but in the acid and sharp style of the year. Wait one year more and it will be rounder.



POUILLY FUISSE Hors Classe 2007 (92/100)

Bright colour, deep and fine nose that combines floral and lemon hints as well as woody aromas. We appreciate its fresh-coated roundness and richness. Its woody and vanilla touch brings complexity to this wine of gastronomy.


6 wines quoted as follows in this guide, page 309 :


"We are producers since numerous generations, as in 1629, name Auvigue was already known in Beaujolais and Mâconnais vineyards. Today Auvigue vinifes its own estate, two familial estates, André Auvigue and les héritiers Auvigue, as well as one part of the forest-Auvigue estate, that's to say 6 ha in Pouilly Fuissé and 0.50 ha in Mâcon Solutré. Our Mâcon Solutré has always been produced according to organic farming méthods and our Pouilly Fuissé since 2009".

POUILLY FUISSE Vieilles Vignes 2010 is remarkable, a nice pale gold tints colour, acacia aromas, slightly honeyed, fine and perfumed, round and persistent, very charming.

Very nice SAINT VERAN Les Chênes 2011, from Chardonnay grapes planted on a soil of sedimentary Cretaceous rocks, clayey limestone type with clay layers. Maturing 5 months in barrels with hazelnut and ripe apple aromas. Very fruity and round with a fruity mouth, at the same time well-structured and elegant.

MACON SOLUTRE Moulin du Pont 2011, maturing on fine lees and in stainless vats until bottling, offers a fine bouquet, a nice tint, intense in the nose as on the palate, combining freshness and sweetness.

There is always this POUILLY FUISSE Cuvée Hors Classe 2009 of a nice brilliant colour with green tints, supple and soft. A wine which smells well hazelnuts and hawthorn.

The POUILY FUISSE Les Chailloux 2010 is very pleasant, with its very typical flowers and hazelnut notes, a nice tint, intense in the nose as on the palate, elegant, combining liveliness ans sweetness, very well aged.

POUILLY FUISSE Réserve Colbert 2006, who owes its name to the origin of the barrels in which it is aged, secular oaks from forests putting aside in 1670 at the instigation of Colbert (a part of which is today of use to the production of very high quality barrels). A wine of a great aromatic complexity (dried fruits, toast) very well-balanced, fat on the palate. To drink without hesitation.



Internes of drinkability, here is a Mâcon which is waiting for you. We really have pleasure to ask for another glass, as it offers smooth and freshness.

POUILLY FUISSE Les Crays 2010 - 15/20 page 467
It is precise in the structure, with frankness and a beautiful fresh ends.


Gold Medal : POUILLY FUISSE Vieilles Vignes 2006 /MACON SOLUTRE Cuvée Naturelle 2009
Silver Medal : POUILLY FUISSE Les Chailloux 2010 /POUILLY FUISSE La Frérie 2011
Silver Medal : SAINT VERAN Moulin du Pont 2011 /MACON VILLAGES Moulin du Pont 2011


Dossier "POUILLY -FUISSE Les Grands Vins"

POUILLY FUISSE Les Chailloux 2007.
With its resistant mouth, subtly tannic, and its spicy length, this cuvee is typical of the scarce expression "Chardonnay on flint".

POUILLY FUISSE Hors Classe 2007
This late harvest emphasizes the exotic notes of Chardonnay, as well as its roundness and richness in alcohol.
This "Hors Classe" keeps a fresh finale and is very elegant. This wine is the proof that the company practices an upstanding viticulture. 16/20 !!

MACON SOLUTRE Moulin du Pont 2006
This is a nice Mâcon that keeps in the mouth thanks to its maturity and minerality. A wine that confirms the high standard of the company.

LE MONDE - « A Truffle nose » - MARCH 2007

MACON SOLUTRE Cuvee Naturelle 2004

This vineyard from the very reliable compagny AUVIGUE expresses through its MACON SOLUTRE 2004 a very typical nose of white truffle.


MACON SOLUTRE Moulin du Pont 2012 : 86/100

POUILLY FUISSE Hors Classe 2010 : 86/100


POUILLY FUISSE Vieilles Vignes 2011 : 89/100

SAINT VERAN Moulin du Pont 2012 : 87/100

THE TIMES - OCT. 2008/2009

POUILLY FUISSE Moulin du Pont 2006

Maison AUVIGUE, France, CORNEY & BARROW 2006 was a good white Burgundy vintage and even lesser Mâconnais offerings such as this one have come up trumps with lots of seductive, ripe, spicy, lemon and citrus peel-spiked fruit.

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